Saturday, March 12

Simone's Big Day

-6th March 2011-

Went to Little Pantry, IOI Mall for Simone's birthday celebration...

Happy Birthday Dear Simone. !

Thursday, March 10

Sakae Sushi With Shell

-3rd March 2011-

Lunched at Sakae Sushi, 1Utama with Shell..  Food here was somehow not bad ma..

Both of us figuring out the setting of the camera, how to snap better photos with each of our stup cameras.. haha..

Yummy.. Enjoyed our meal to the fullest.. =)

Shell. Me

Monday, February 28

A Re-Visit to Sungai Long

-15th February 2011-

It was a public holiday and it was still CNY! So we decided to gather up and pay Aunt Pat a visit in Sungai Long, our home during uni-life... awww...

All excited heading back to Sg Long.. wonders how has the place been w/o us?
 Reached aunty's place and we had a splendid meal there.. Aunt Pat is a real good cook!  *thumbs up..!

Me & Ron
Angeline. Andy. Nelly. Veronica

Us with Aunt Pat

Saturday, February 26

Yogurt Boy

-13th February 2011-

Dessert are alwayz sweet and satisfying.. =)))

Friday, February 25

Lunch @ Tao, Giza Mall

-12th March 2011-

Went for lunch at Tao Cuisine, which serves authentic asian cuisine from Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, and other foreign or ethnic food.. It's a buffet style wherby you can make unlimited order of food.. 

Had ourselves filled up to the brim.. Check out our happy faces.. =)) 

The Meet Up with Kian Siong

-12th February 2011-

KS was so happen in KL, and so we went for a meal together.. wat an opportunity.. haha!

Vegetarian Meal @ PJU

Below is a pic of us after not meeting for so long.. FeiYing & my hair grew longer but someone else just got his head almost bald.. haha..

A photo before v started our mealll.. *grrr.. stomach growling... haha..

Sunday, February 20

Chinese New Year 2011

- 04th till 08th February 2011-

How fast a year passes us by... Here comes 2011, the year of the rabbit...

Chinese New Year...

It's all about the mandarins..

the food

the fireworks

the lion dance

the reunion

& of course...

                        gambling.. ngek ngek ngek..

wat would cny be without gambling!?! rite? hoho...

& mah- jong..


& lastly, some camwhore session with the dearest sis! hehe..

Aint it perfect!? ;p

Friday, February 11

Yumcha Session With Secondary Schoolmates

- 1 Feb 2011-

A lil yumcha session with a few of them jus before the CNY..

We've grown older now.. haha...