Thursday, December 18


-17 December 08-

Granny, big aunt, and small aunt from Switz came to our house for 3 days.. ooh.. i was overjoyed.. someone to occupy my holiday.. *winks..
ladies all here.. so wat else!? SHOPPING here v com... >.<

went to ipoh parade... some random pics down there..
looking at the christmas deco, made me realize tat christmas is nearrrrr...
woooo... i'm feeling christmassy, feeling happy.. *big smile :)
presents............muahahahaha..... :p

Saw this pink cute shop.. Its a korean shop selling cosmetics.. Its all pink.. so pinky pink.. it looked so homely to me.. like one of the rooms.. like it...

Hehe.. Crabs.. yea.. crabs.. it was yummy, n vy vy delicious.... big aunt cooked it for us for supper the nite before.. had a great time eating those crabs... YUM!

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