Wednesday, January 13

First Trip on the First Day of the Year

01-03 January 2010

Went for a holiday trip with Veron & family to Lumut for 3 days 2 nights.... We squatted in Swiss-Court Holiday apartment, which was so deep in from the town and in such a remote area.. the road in there was windy and almost even worse than Tapah road to Cameron...Anyway, it was a four-star & v definitely enjoyed the companion v had these few days...!

On the second day, we sat the ferry across to the Island - Pangkor.. enjoyed our ride as there were strong breeze blowing against us... At the island, mums bought alot of salty fish and squids and fishes and keropoks....

Some pics taken on the ferry:

On the way back our apartment, we stopped by this nice bridge to just look around... Suprisingly, there were many ppl fishing here.. took some shots here..

dad says this feels like in overseas... ahahha...

Lumut Beach

Had steamboat too for the first night and it was great...!! & guess wat v did for the night!? we played dare and dare and v did some stupid things that i don even wana mention... haha.. we also had a great time singing and guessing wth was Vincent singing... it was jus hilarious... n then, it was already 2 am.... totally enjoyed n had great fun.!

Steamboat for the nite..

Forever sis.. haha..

It was a good start for the year and hopefully the year will continue on with better things... i hate to say that i'm graduating by this year but still, i'm hoping for the best..!!~ Cheers to all..! ^^


  1. Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today..........................

  2. did wat stupid things ar???
    faster share wif me leh,

  3. blek.. :p
    don wan tell you..
    so kepo..! haha...