Wednesday, April 21

Class Trip to the City of Entertainment

- 08, 09 April 2010 -

Finally, a class trip of our own, successfully being carried out, thanks to the arrangement made by our dearest class rep, Edmund.. credits to him.. =).. For this trip, 26 of us turned up and this was a pleasing sign.. We had 5 rooms in First World, and tickets for all park (indoor & outdoor).. *weeee.. =)

For the outdoor, played the flying elephant ( twice, my fav ^^.. hoho..), flying plane (ks's plane wouldnt fly up.. ahahaha), cyclone (scare me till death.. grabbed emay's hand so tight.. T.T wuwu..), go kart, boat ride, Matahari and the rolling thunder ( twice too, oso my fav..).. I'm scared of heights and also rides that gives u head spin and consequently cause vomiting .. and so, space shot, corkscrew, flume ride, spinning cup and spinner, all out of my list.. >.<.. lol...

As for indoor, we went for the mini train (twice.).. it was fun, and "some" of us were jus merely shouting their voice out for god knows wat reason.. @.@.. hahahaha.. Bumper car was fun too (twice too..).. The oni opportunity to bang and hit other ppl's car.. Some of them even kidnapped other ppl's kid here too (chaili.. lol.) ...=.="".. The other cool thrill rides was the 4D motion master.. gosh, sat next to Fanny and had so much fun and laughs... It was all good..! =)... Next was the Ferris wheel, which was on for about perhaps 20 minutes.. & we were practically screaming help for it to be stopped.. haha..

It was a tiring yet fun and exciting trip..! Wonderful memories being captured.. I definitely enjoyed myself to the max & I believe all of us did too.. Yipee~~ ^^ thumbs up up..!

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  1. Feeling so sweet and warm looking at these lips juz couldn't help curving upwards...