Friday, September 10

The Day I Wore My "四方帽"

-21 August 2010-

Finally, this day arrived..! The day i held my head high up with my convo gown to receive my graduation scroll.. =)) wohoo~~ 我 毕 业 了.!!!  It was totally a moment of extreme joy, a touching moment, one of the highlights.. I shall definitely not forget this day..

Hmm, btw, thinking abt graduation and convocation makes me flash back many memorable moments i had..the good, the bad, the ugly wans.. how fast time passes us by huh!? it's such a waste it's over.. sigh..

Anyway, just wana say that i'm trully thankful to all of you who journeyed me through this wonderful time of my life.. Special thanks to my family, mum, dad and sis, who gave me their endless love and support and prayers throughout my study life..


Special thanks also to my dearest housemates, classmates, friends and all who contributed in any way to the success of this wondrous day..!

Us getting ready to throw our mortar boards high up in the air.. wohoo~~
& tadaaa.... here we go...!!

BAC T6 - Classmates for 3 years..

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to all my dear friends and ME who just got themselves graduated..! =))) teehee~~ weeeee....

Stay touched ya... =))

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