Saturday, October 9

Eric's Birthday Celeb

-7 October 2010-

Celebrated Eric's belated birthday at TGI Fridays, 1u. Was also my first time dining here.. Food was okay, but the dish that eric, teng, simone and hooishang ordered sucked big time.. It was cold and the chicken dint even taste like chicken.. jus the though of it makes me wana puke already.. yucks.. haha..

Anyway, it was a good gather after such a long time. Took some photos and here's how they look:
The 3 of us minus 1..

Its kinda scary to celebrate ur birthday in TGI. The waiters force u to stand on the chair and give a speech and they'll make fun and play tricks on u.. but of course, if you're not the main character, u'll be having a great time laughing ur ass off.. ahahaha.. funny

Eric on the chair.. lol..
 N lastly, our group photos:

Before going back, stopped by the atm to activate my online banking n guess wat?? It sucked my card in...... aaaahh.... GREAT... just greaat.... =.=""

Happy Birthday Eric....

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