Friday, March 13


People can just leave without even in a blink of eye..
& the instance when the news is broken to u,
the shock is sometimes unbearable..
There is a feeling where u jus cant and don wana believe it,
& then u try to convince urself to accept the fact,
because somehow u kno it happened...
& there's no way for u to change the reality...

Received a text from my sister this afternoon,
informing me of the death of her ex-roomate in a car accident..
She perished with her bf which both of them were sitting at the back sit..
The tragedy happened when the driver drift away to avoid from something, causing it to hit a stationary lorry from the side, which led to the death of both of them.
The news is published in the star paper page N48..

wow.. wat a hard hit on me..!
I just find it so so so hard to believe...
I hate experiencing the feeling of knowing someone's death, especially those v kno of..

What i could conclude is,
driving is a big responsibiliy, especially when u have passengers with you because this means that someone's life is in your hands..
& imagine u being the driver and something happened and ur passengers perished while u survive (just like how it happened in my sis's friends case), how is the driver gonna react??
for me, i would rather die than to bear the guilt for the rest of my life...

Driving is not a game..
please take this into mind seriously..
Drive slow and drive safe always..
It is not fun to hear a friend's bad news..

Please remember that all of us do have loved ones,
dont make them grieve for you...
think of them........

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