Friday, May 22

Kris Allen Wins It All..!

Who in the world would have thought that the dark horse, underdog, Kris Allen would have been crowned the American Idol Season 8 winner!!?

He himself couldnt believe it too... Everybody was predicting Adam would win this.. everybody was pretty sure about that.. but i guess anything could happen.. anything... and poor Kris.. he was way too shocked about it and felt kinda distressed as he felt that Adam deserved it.. wat a cute humble winner v have!!

Well, yea.. v got our winner here, Kris Allen..

Totally astonished and dumbfolded.. What a shocker this is...
Anyway, m so so glad he won!! Guess he deserves it.. He's just so talented..
He knows how to play the piano and guitar, he has a good great voice,
he's young (he's only 23 and a college student),
he's good looking and faboulous (he meltz me everytime he smile)!
Only thing is that, he's no more available.. :( haha..

Anyway, there's no doubt that adam lambert is a great singer as well,
his vocals are just so adam-azing.. undeniable..
But well i guess, America voted and they made their choice!! hehe..

Watched the finale (repeat) yesterday on tv..
It was a total blast with all the collaboration performance with famous guest artistes..
big time happening!!

If only i had a seat there...................................... haha..


  1. finally i can browse ur blog~~

    i think is my comp... just ignore my msg in my chat box k...

    i didnt follow American Idol, but the finale i watched like 3 times.. it kept repeating again n again.. Kris Allen was a cute wan, haha... so talented, i like his voice.. if really gv me an option, i would choose him.. as he is so adorable... lol, like my dolls at home.. haha~

  2. haha.. yea yea.. he's rely charming... especially whn he smiles.. aww.. here i go melting again.. haha.. ^^