Saturday, August 8

ACCA Career Fair

-8 August 2009-

Went for the ACCA Career Fair organised by UTAR Accounting Society with Nelly and Eric.. The fair was happening in Crowne Plaza Hotel (It's near Pavillion, ngek ngek ngek..)..

Photo session 1 in the bus.. hehe...

Among the few companies participated in the fair were Shell, Maybank, KPMG, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, DHL, Sunway, Hewlett Packard and many more.. We asked quite a number of questions and totally gain much knowledge about things we did not know.. For eg, did u guys know that PriceWaterHouseCoopers was the top among he BigFour, followed by EnY, KPMG, Deloitte... Hmm.. definitely something i dint kno.. haha..

n the best part is, we got lotsa goodies from the booths... free pens, notebook, mousepad, stickynotes, etc.....

Oh n besides, there was also a career image booth where free makeup and manicure were provided.. Got my nails painted.. FREE..! hehe... ^o^

Here are some scenes from the career fair:

We had lunch at Nando's, Pavillion.. and we went shopping and never came back to the fair till it was time to leave... hahahaha... now u know y we went to the fair.. :p

It was my first time dining in Nando's.. n i quite like it.. the chicky was yummy!

My 1/4 chich with peri chips and potato salad.. yum.. ^^

38 us with the peri peri sauces.. =.=""

Hungry us with our dishes..

After lunch, walked around Pavillion.. got myself some hair band thingys....

Rushed for mass after that...
Had a great day n my mood meter was: very very happy..! ^^


  1. My mood metter : EXTREMELY HAPPY though!

  2. joan :
    angeline , i add u arr ?can bo ?

  3. joan: sure gal.. no prob.. i add u too.. hehe...