Monday, October 6

Eric's Birthday

-5 October 2008-

It was Eric's birthday.. N so the 3 of us - Eric, Tzekit & Me went out for a movie... The movie v watched was Eagle Eye.. 120 minutes...It was a action movie, a very exciting wan.. good story line.. overall i tink it was a nice movie..

After movie, v headed for lunch at MyPoint.. v had western food there..

Soup & Garlic Toast s starters..
Fish with garlic cream sauce.. yum.. ^^
Tadaa.. let me present u the birthday boy --> Mr. Eric San
n here's our steady king--> Mr. Kayu Kit gor talking to BigAssFu

Too bad ipoh is such a boring town.. n so, that's all v did.. haha..
anyway, hope u enjoyed ur big day, Eric..!

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  1. hi gal, how are you?I am Joyce from UKM, still remember me?I will link u to ya...=) have a nice day ahead..=)