Friday, October 3

Trip to Genting

-29 Sept-1 Oct 2008-

Went up to Awana Resort for 3 days.. It was just the 10 of us this time - Veron's family, my family & Diana..

We had our own steamboat for the first nite.. cool huh!? With the cold wheather, it was yummy yummy-licious.. i tink i had 3 to 4 bowls.. muahaha ^o^

some of the food v had for steamboat..

We went up to Uncle Lim's Genting on the 2nd day..
n there v went snapping photos everywhere again..

In the cabel car.. =.=""

When v reached genting..

me & diana
Even in the toilet..
us girls..

We went for rock climbing... trying to outdo ourselves.. haha... wow.. this was so extremely scary man, not because of the climb but because of the height.. especially when going down, i was so terribly horribly scared to let go of myself.. huh.. heart oso jump out ah!! but guess wat, eventhough i did not reach the top, i did it n i'm happie abt it.. ^^ hehe.. good experience..
hand pain the next day.. sobs haha..

that's me climbing.. yea.. how abt a clap..hoho..

oh ya.. One of the place v oso went was the laser mirror maze.. new thingy in the indoor.. v thought it would b interesting n so v tried it out. let me tell u guys, it was perhaps the stupidest place i've ever been.. wasted 10 bucks.. u r suppose to crawl through the dark room without touching the lasers.. it was practically like passing by a room which oni took abt like 2 minutes? .. wth.. n there were oni lasers, no mirrors no maze, n they call it laser mirror maze.. *clap clap*...(wher's the mirror wher's the maze!!?).. i even got my lips bleeding..! OOuch! $10 for that~? GREAT..! DOnt EveR GO in there..!

One of the evenings... went for a walk in the garden..

More photos.. in Awana Resort.. haha..

happy times pass us by fast.. 3 days were over jus in a blink of eye..n there v were, heading back to our respective homes... in the car on the way back home

Enjoyed ourselves very much.. ^^ looking forward to our year end trip together..


  1. Lol is tat awana lar?
    I was there too =)

  2. yup..! huh u were there!?
    gosh.. wat a coincident..