Saturday, April 25

Steamboat in Shabu Shabu, Puchong

-16 April 2009-

Went to Shabu Shabu in Puchong for a pre-birthday celebration of Mr. Teoh Ye Fu a.k.a Mr. Big Ass.. ahhahaha... 14 of us went in 3 cars.. not easy getting so many of us out at one shot.. wooo.. fufu so big shot... ahahaha...

Anyway, this place serves a buffet style steamboat with the rotation style like in sushi king... something special and different lo... ^^ look down:

something like this lo

Now here comes the part with all the humans who loves been photographed:

I should rely send this for some photo competition.. lol..

c there's a bubble around us.. nice..
BMK yr 2 sem 3's excellent students.. haha..

and Lastly, here's us with the birthday boy..

Teoh Ye Fu turning 21..

HaPpY 21st BiRThdAY
TeOh yE fU...


  1. Woah... So many excellent student..!!
    Why Diana not inside?
    I know la.. she sure not excellent student..
    She is baby boomer

  2. wat u mean? wat excellent student u meant?

  3. LOL, u meant tht.. haih, i memang not one of them ma.. i admit ar.. i am only an average.. haih.. dun say ady la... make me emo only...