Monday, October 12

Bangkok --> Day 1

Hey peeps, I'm back!! Time jus passes us by so freaking fast.. Without even realising it, here i am, back in front of the computer in ipoh, blogging about the Bangkok trip i went for 4 days.. It was pretty fun n i definitely did enjoyed myself..! ^^ I shall start off with Day1...

Woke up at 4.30am in the morning jus to get to the airport 2 hours prior to departure.. Arrived at LCCT at aroun 6.45... All i had with me was the feeling of extreme excitement & kancheong-ness... Unfortunately, the flight got delayed due to some technical problem they say.. Anyway being in the airport with airplanes visible tru the glass panels are so so cool!! n the red airasia planes are way too awesome... plus the air stewardess, way too cool.! wohooo... ^^

After sitting for a 2-hours flight, I, for the very first time in my life, stepped into Thai soil at around 10.30am thai time.. fuh, wat an achievement.. haha.. oh ya, n FYI, there is a 1 hour difference between here n ther.. Checked-in our hotel, Baiyoke Suite, n headed to our next destination..

after checking-in at the hotel

Next was lunch.. our stomachs were grumbling like drums playing.. We had lou zhu shou fan and wanton mee with a bottle of traditional coke.. food was gooood!

The first mall v visited was the Platinum Mall.. The Platinum Mall is a wholesale fashion mall, meaning they focus on catering for wholesale, in bulk.. there is a wholesale price if u purchase above 3 items... There are jus so many shops in there, with a wide variety from clothes to shoes to belts to accessories to bags to bras... too much to see, ur eyes jus gets wider and bigger..It just gets u excited automatically (for shoppers).. ahaha..

Guess wat was next!? It was the aqua show a.k.a. the 人妖 show.. The aquas were so so flawlessly beautiful and their body was like wooo~~ that I actually looked ugly standing beside her/him.. seriously, this is happening.. wtf... Anyway, the performance was entertaining and we kinda watched it with our mouths open.. haha.. It was good! n btw, there is actually a hospital here in Bangkok specially built for the transformation of sex.. *^&%^$... Anybody interested? haha.. lol..

Went to Chinatown in Bangkok for dinner next.. The food was hot and nice, and damn, it was so freaking the cheappppp...

Headed back to hotel after dinner and fell on the bed n slept till it was morning again.. ^^

...End of day 1 ...


  1. 羡慕死你了~~~~~

  2. haha, angel...

    chelle says kuching day one..
    u say bangkok day one...

    so gud.. get to go somewhere in ur holidays...
    i wish to go thailand too ... there is really a place to shop.. as wat u said.. the stuff there is cheap...

  3. So nice can go there..!!
    Geng wo.. every details also can remember so well.. haha.. if for me sure forget already.. hehe
    The aqua so pretty..!! haha

    Diana, go Indonesia la.. there even cheaper, overnight u become millionaire already.. haha