Thursday, October 15

Bangkok --> Day 4

Day 4 was our final day here... how fast good times go... :(

Anyway, got a massage first thing in the morning.. It was so nice nice having ourselves massaged.. how relaxing it was..! ^^

Next, just went down the stores jus below our hotel for a walk.. did some last minute shopping.. Things are jus so cheapp here... >.< oh ya.. there is this craze for 7 eleven in Bangkok... I counted about 20-30 7 eleven shops jus this 4 days.. u c one here, n another one at the opposite, or jus a few doors beside.. It's everywher..!! wat the hell is wrong with them??! i'm curious...

After the shopping, it was about time to packed our stuffs and den check-out.. headed to Suvarnabhumi Airport for departure.. time to say buh-bye.. how sad... :(

Was extremely exhausting, now that everything is over, u start to feel it.. It's alwez like tat huh!? Thank god the flight was on schedule... Slept the whole way thru till v almost landed... Landed in LCCT, Kuala Lumpur at around 9.30pm local time with AIrAsia... Dad was trilled to c us.. ^^

That's how our terrific trip to Bangkok ended... It was indeed an good experience.. Hopefully there'll be another chance to go there..


  1. here de photo to small ad la,
    i wan c de original photo.....
    when let me c ya???

  2. re:ChrisKoo

    就会show 出original 的size 了嘛,
    假假~~ 不要告诉我你不懂,哈哈


    a gua 那张我喜欢,你应该跟“他”Fight 过,穿少一点嘛,哈哈