Saturday, October 3

Off to Bangkok

Time passes pretty fast huh!? In just a blink of an eye, a week has gone..
gone baby gone... :-(
Anyway have been having a great time relaxing at home.. pay back for the torturous time during finals.. ahaha.. :-)

& Er, just fyi, i'll be going down to KL tomoro and den,
and den..
and den.....
and den..........

Guess wat!!!!!??

I'll be flying to BANGKOK, Thailand......
woohoooooooooooooooooooooo........... how cool can tat be..!

I'm so so excited and thrilled about this trip..
Got all my monay and passport ready...
I'm reeady to fly.. ^^
I just cant wait.. *twink

Objective & goal of the trip:
shopping shopping & shopping..
shop till I drop.. lolz..

Thai Baht

Going there for 4 days.. After tat, back to KL for my cousin's wedding....
How exciting could tis be huh!? ^^ hehe..

While i'm gone, miss me ya.. haha.. shall buy back some souveniers for those who did miss me.. lol.. I'll miss u guys too and jus in case, I love you all .. Muaxx.. u kno i do..

Enjoy ur holidayz buddies..! Time doesn't wait for anything, it jus passes... ;)


  1. i also plan to there ~~~
    but cancel edi gua ~~~
    really DMXX ...

  2. ahaha.. nvm...
    i go there for u...

  3. waiting for ur souveniers ya,