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CSS to Ipoh --> Day 2

-24 May 2008-

Let's move on to day 2... Day 2 was the peak of our trip.. hmm.. this is gona b a real long wan.. V started off our day with breakfast-d.i.m s.u.m....

Looks tempting huh!? It was real good..
The A's --> Andy.Annie.Alex

After having our delicious dim sum for breakfast, v headed for our adventure - exploration in Gua Tempurung.. Weeheee... Alex n I drove there.... As it was a weekend plus school holiday, naturally the place were packed with humans... haha... Here's how the cave look like...

those are torchlights.. told u it was pitch dark..

All of us were extremely excited..! Let me describe the cave.. wet, dark (n i mean pith dark), slippery & eerie.... Thats wat made it adventurous n exciting n fun..!

Guess wat!? we got LOST..! we were all alone n scared in total darkness.. haha. it was so like in the movies... in the end we walked back out n waited for the nx batch in... thank god v got back to the starting point...

Alex n valentine were very responsible in making sure all of us girls were safe... credit to the both of them..valentine even offered his shoes to veronica who drop 1 side of her slipper (he barefooted)... how gentleman! don mention andy and nop, i did not leave him out..haha..

Throughout the adventure, v crawled on our knees, swam, climb, walk n slide on our butts.. we all brought some slight scatches n bruises back...

inside the cave
the light..! finally some light.! yipee.. v made it!Take two

V spent almost 3 hours inside the cave.. By the time v came out from the cave, we were all soaked with water from head to toe... n we were sweating n exhausted...Overall, it was real enjoyable n fun... everyone enjoyed and was happy.. another unforgettable experience..!

jus outside the cavelook at andy.. haha
weird guys doing weird sign languages. haha.
girls rules..!
all wet..!with the tour guide.. he was friendly n nice...v..

Here's one miracle that happened..! When we were just about to leave, i realized that my car keys were wet n was unable to unlock the car... v were uncertain of wat to do, so v all said the our father prayer together... n at the instance v finish the prayer, the car lock just pop up! wow i did got a shock of my life..! Miraculous..! God will make a way where there seems to b no way..! trust in him.. yea..

After taking our baths, v headed to KAmpar for lunch...

lunch in kamparannie.veron.alex

v visited UTAR kampar... It was so hard to get into the uni! The damn guard was so strict..! Despite so, v fought our lives to get into it... just imagine how v love our uni..! haha... no pictures were allowed inside, so v took outside...

our beloved UTAROutside UTAR
nice scenery
who has the nicest butt!?
us... again..
there they go...
Along the lake, they were fishing.. & its jalan universiti.. u & v missing.. haha

V visited alex's cousin's house in kampar... the houses there were quite nice... check it out..

Westlake, Danish house
me & valentine
save the prisoners!! haha..

Rush back to ipoh for mass at 7pm in St.Michaels...

after mass

V had our dinner in Wholly's food court centre...

had diner here
we n our cendolandy closed his eyes, haha..!

After diner, game time..!


After all v've been through tat day, v still had the energy to go yumcha... indeed v r still young..! proven.. haha... around 12, v went to fren's cafe..

V shared, chatted n laughed till 2am (the cafe closes at 2am)... haha...

yumcha'ed here
tis damn drink costs me $8.95 n it tasted like milk... haha
do not underestimate them.. they are just mineral water n they cost $7.95

Indeed it was a long tired yet enjoyable n fun day..! We were all dead tired n exhausted... All of us dropped dead on our beds tat night...

That's abt it for day 2... And so, tat's how day 2 ended...

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