Monday, May 26

Just for laughs

I edited some of the photos from the ipoh trip... here's something to cheer u up! take a look at them... muahaha...

while he was wondering, suddenly the camera chik chak..! haha gotcha!
our beloved andy.. isnt he cool!? "Yaya"..
wow! better run andy!wat's with her hands??
oh no eric! i din kno u were a aqua..
wat kind of expression!?oops... alex looks like he's angry..! somebody snatched his guy..
cute valentine
thinking real hard... haha..
Nelly taking pic of herself.
there he goes promoting again....goodness gracious.. he even kissed it!

To the "victims" above, these are made juz for laughs... no hard feelings ya!! u guys were great! thank u for making us laugh..! haha..

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