Wednesday, May 21

Singing in E-Box

-14 May 2008-

Met up with a few of my ex-secondary schoolmates – Yittatt, Kunlim, Wailoon, & Kaihong… was so trilled to see them… ^o^ ohoho.. we went for karaoke in e-box… wooo… there we go singing again…la la la…

us in front of e-box

Guess wat!? We sang from 12.30 to 6.30… Wow.. That is 6 hours..! Yea rite! 6 hours… goodness… v sang so much.. I just wonder whether all the songs v sang amounted to 100… hahaha…. Singing with this bunch of guys was real fun! Silly actions, expressions n the way they sing.. totally amusing n entertaining.. so indescribable.. it just make me laugh n laugh n laugh… muahaha… They were all so funny, n we were all laughing at each other for going out of tune and off-pitch..! how precious those moments were…

Hanbin, Kahping & Peiying came later to join us but they went off earlier too…. Our last song was 颈歌金曲1 by 古巨基... long one… u should hear us singing shouting that song.. We were practically shouting n screaming on top of our voices… oh boy… cant stop laughing thinking abt it… kakaka… At the end of the day, we were all voiceless… all of us got lime juice after tat to ease our soar in the throat…

Anyway realy did enjoy myself with u guys!! Had a real great time! It been quite awhile since the last time v met up & com to tink of it, this is the first time v sang together..! sweet… Thanks for all of ur time..

Frens Forever ^o^

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  1. wow gal finally come out a proper blog dy har.... no more crapping around ya!!!