Thursday, May 29


Results are finally out!! N guess wat!? I FAILED…I, Angeline Cheng Siow Pei failed in UTAR for the bloody first time…. WTF..!

N wat makes me feel worse is everyone else passed n most of them got above gpa 3.0… I feel like the stupidest idiot in the world..!

I hate this feeling… It sucks… It jus make tears rolling down my eye…I just cant help myself from crying… My eyes are all swollen now… I feel so useless… Y.Y sobs…

N wat makes it worse even more is mummy dear not only did not scold me, she even comforted me n told me it’s ok, nvm n den she told me she stil loves me...! how touching, tears just streamed down my eyes without my notice… Tat adds so much guilt to me… I kno u have high hopes in me but yet I’ve failed u… I’m so trully sorry, mum!

I’m feeling so so extremely depress n despair rite now… so inconsolable... >.<

Even so, I would still like to sincerely congratulate all those who did well this time… Cheers to u guys..!

Haiz... gotta buck up in my studies… I wana fail NO MORE..!

feeeling down....


  1. dun 2 sad o,
    work hard at nx time la,
    u can do it better 1!
    gambateh lo... >o<

  2. i've been in the same situation and i truly understand ur feelings....since its the beginning of the new semester...bulk up and try ur best in achieving better results...we'll support u for sure!all the best!

  3. Actually parents will give pressure to their children just to push them to study harder and get a nicer cert for their future... wad u study is all urs... all parents love their children... don be so sad k... like wad ur mum says, she loves u... work harder this sem... u're not lazy and stupid either... ANGELINE u can do it... be tough.... all the best...

  4. angeline dear, dun be too sad, I've been through it before.. stay strong k! may God bless u always. Hugz

  5. Dont be sad!! u also said u r Angeline CVP... sorry a.. is CSP.. haha... u got super duper bird nest head.. sure can do better next time... Gambateh..!!

  6. *hugz* nevermind! we shall work together to get a far better results ok? jiayou!