Tuesday, July 1

Eye on Malaysia

-27 June 2008-

At first, we went to Federal Hotel to pick up Nelly... After picking her up, Calvin, Grace, Nelly & I went to Tititwangsa to have a look at the "eye on Malaysia"... It took us like hours to find the d*am place... haha... v got lost... but eventually v reached.. . too bad whn v reach ther, it has already been close... =.="" swt.. ... Anyway, got to c how it looks like (i heard its gonna be removed by august).

the merry-go-round was giganticly huge..that's the mosque i tinknite viewGrace.Nelly.MeGrace & meGrace.Me.Calvin

While v were about to leave, we saw a road block with many many policemen standing right and left of the road.. @.@ hmm.. wonder wat was wrong.. mat rempit or wat le??? (so kp.. hehe)

And so, that was how Friday nite was spent... s usual, dead tired whn reached home... ^^

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