Thursday, July 10

SDO Mania

-7 July 2008-

The 3 guys in my house who frequently claimed themselves as SDO pros' had a battle match... Tze kit vs. Ye Fu vs. Eric.... All fully consentrated, trying to win the grand title..! haha... Take a look on their "seriousness".. woooo.... rely trying to win the game i guess... +u+u..

kit kit ah....

ugly fu

mimi ah...

& now, allow me to announce the result..:
the winner goes to --> WONG TZE KIT (clap clap... yea..)
runner-up goes to --> ERIC WONG (woooo....)
and the LAST goes to --> TEOH YE FU aka. the all-time loser.. (booo....)
hahaha.... thx guys for being my blog topic... hope u guys don kill me for posting this.. ^^
ntg to post ma.... :p
wuliao me.. post such post.. @.@ hehe...

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