Saturday, July 26


As time passes, things happen.. things change

Everyone around us is hurt by somehow some things: jealousy, betrayal, hatred, love, friendship, selfishness, greed, pride, and misunderstanding

Sometimes the ways things are, the way they turn out to be, it just makes u feel so sick, so tired... y does it has to happen in that way? y does it has to end like tis? y does it has to happen in a way that u r put in a difficult position...? watever the reason is, i guess that's a inevitable part of the process, the cycle.... life....

fed up fed up fed up..... do u ever get fed up over things!? .......

Sometimes the truth hurts…Things don’t always goes about the way v want it to b…ppl don even care.. they just live THEIR lives happily without a little feeling of empathy… n there’s nothing u find u can do to even fix urself, so u juz fake a smile on ur face... n den life just goes on… oni time will heal..

Despite of all the happenings around us, no matter how happy, angry and sad v are, no matter v r in our greatest moment or in our weakest moment, life stil goes on…

the earth still spins,

the sun stil shines,

trees stil grow and

flower still blossom..

V find ourselves living in a world of our own

Tats how the world has turned out to b, that’s how life is… how R.E.A.L.I.S.T.I.C…...

That's LIFE... live it or die....

But thankfully, at least, there are still family and true frens... thank god for creating them... ^^

U guys are my motivation and you guys make my days... heart u guys... xoxo...


  1. yea, heart u gurl xoxo (Gossip Girls) =P cheer up.. the very least... i am here.. listener or companion... up to u to choose.. i can be both 2 =)

  2. haha...i'm after diana....cheer up gurl

  3. ^o^.. c..! that's what i mean by frens... alwez by ur side... so glad n touch to have u guys by my side... thanx guys... heart u guys.. muaxxie...

  4. stay strong babe ...!! im wit you AlWEZ...!!!! LUV O.o

  5. *hugz* there are more to come in L.I.F.E! So, just hang in there and press on. You have all of us to support u *winks*

  6. thx mei.. thx jen...
    for ur supports..
    ^^ hugz n kisses..