Friday, July 11

It's Friday

-11 July 2008-

Finallly finish my pengajian malaysia presentation this morning... wat a relieve.. ^^ another breath been released.. Fuh... Yea babe... To those who had their PM presentation too, lets strike this out :

Pengajian Malaysia Presentation

Yipeee... ^o^ Had audit tutorial after that... Syok sendiri among ourselves with some photos... hehe... Here there are:

Me & Fat Turtle

Me & Ying

FeiYing. Me. KianSiong

Assign group membersOur group and their group

Saw Bunny after class... He's back here for a holiday.. woo hoo... had a quick shot with him..

Bunny & Me

Regarding AIS assign, thank god miss noreen was kind enough to prepare another set of marking scheme.. or else we've gota re-do our already-finished assign.. & i'll be cursing and cursing non-stop... ^^ hehe.. at least everybody is happy now...
:O.. get some rest first.. oink oink lo... nite nite...

Til then, have a GREAT weekend every body..! mama se mama sa mama cosa....

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