Monday, July 28

Durian Season

-28 July 2008-

Mum called that day, telling me she had durian with champ (my dog)..! goodness... just tell me how lucky that gal doggie is..! After hearing that, I too got the urge to eat durian (kinda weird, cause i don rely craze for durian as much as my mum dad and sis)... Mayb its because after hearing that champ got to eat too (>.< i'm not gona loose to you champ..!)

And so we bought durians... ^o^ shared with eric and tzekit...

-After- (yee yucks..) me & DuRiaN.. Aaaah..! Kit kit eating durian ah! haha...

Yummy.... satisfied after all.. ^o^

Ye fu hates durian smell so much that he hid under his blanket.. Still, the smell was overwhelming and so he went for a walk outside.. hahaha...