Saturday, August 2

Updates on Me

Hey guys, m bac here in ipoh..! Tis time, with Eric and TZEKIT ..
hmm.. Home is just so SWEET.. luv luv being at home... no worries, jus relaxation.. -> peace, warm, love, hugs.. simply yummy.. ^o^

Everytime i reach bac home, i never never missed to say this.. haha.. eh hmm.. n here it goes: "Aiyoo, champ soooooooooooo cute..!" n den my mum will look at me n say: "u once in a blue moon oni see her sure cute la..! everyday u see her c u still say her cute or not..!" haha.. :p blek ma.. she will forever be so cute in my eyes.. *twink.. just like.... ME....! hahaha..

Went to hair saloon today... rebonded my messy awful ugly bird-nest hair..! now my hair is so flat.. ugly oso.. kaka..

I guess i was there for about 4 to 5 hours actually.. *yawn.. kinda tired... read a number of magazines and listened to songs on radio..

Among the songs i heard were:
- 烟火
- 牵牵牵手
- 为你写诗
- 不能分离
- 崇拜
- 勇气
- Siapa
- 大嘴巴
- 阵阵跳
- 神秘嘉宾
by 林宥嘉--> He's coming here nx sunday..! oh tel me how cool is tat babe.!

If not mistaken, i tink i was listening to hehe.. stup me.. dun even kno listening to wat radio station.. mandarin not so good ma.. >.<...

Except for getting my hair done, i guess all i did at home was SLEEP SLEEP and SLEEP... oh why la why... home too comfy i guess.. ^^

2moro going shopping... i seriously need to buy a speaker.. gotta blast it all out..! haha... hope i manage to get one..

Tze kit updated his blog..! His blog title goes :

"whYY sooOOOO SeriouSSS...!!"

which reminded me of us imitating this 3 words.. Michelle going nuts liao hearing us keep imitating the joker by saying that..! nyaris-nyaris wana slap us..! hahahaha... so funny...

well shell,
why so serious?! kakaka..!


  1. haha..u noe wat...u all say is ok...i just cant stand it when teoh ye fu say the 3 words...damm annoying...haha...anyway...c u guys 2moro...poor me home alone for 2 days!!

  2. okie dokey... den we'll continue saying it... haha.. don wory shell.. stay strong.. we'll b back soon... ^o^

  3. okok, i will take yoga photo to let u c de, haha...