Wednesday, August 6

Happy Birthday TzeKit..!

-5 August 2008-

It was our dear TzeKit's Birthday.. And so, to celebrate him, we headed to:

Jusco Balakong

& there v went singing n singing again... We were all so turned ON... wooo huuuu.... TzeKit & YeFu was kinda high.. The guy with his big huge sexy ass even came in front and dance.. and it actually looked like some sort of strip dancer dancing... so damn funny.. u guys miss out so much of fun..! u should c him dancing and c us laughing... we were laughing our lungs out..! He's just so talented... it just suits him so well.. Wat could i say!?.. YF ah, mayb u rely should consider that line and quite studying.. haha..

Talking about this, i duno whether i'm suppose to laugh or get angry.. Stupid YeFu sabotaged my drink, by adding practically every type of drinks into mine... and the stupidest thing is i kept on drinking and drinking after he asked to do so without even realising anything wrong with my drink, which actually stunned him back in return and caused him to have doubts on his action..! hahaha.. (whoever is reading this now, i kno u r laughing now and so STOP laughing ..) stupid me.. wonder wth is wrong with me.. (stupid yefu! if i lau sai, u're so so gona get it frm me!!) hahaha.. n we all had great time laughing... big time happening...

Halfway through, the greenbox waitress brought in a cake..! and "Happy Birthday" was suddenly played.. suprise suprise..!! Kit Gor so happy..! ^^

n of course, how can there b no photos..!? check them out..:

The "B" boy
Choc Banana.. yum..
Doesn't this look tempting!?
Told u Kit was happy..! Just look at his smile- frm ear to ear... haha.. (stup wat tat fu)
The "us" who celebrated with kit.. michelle's holding the cam..
The Gays.. jus look at YF's "yum" smile.. yucks..
Us - housemates
Them - Classmates
Me & Shell

Again, halfway through, the greenbox crew came in, offering us to play a game with them.. something with the dice.. TzeKit played with him.. and deng deng..! Here's wat he won (see pic below) not bad huh..!? :p (kit, actually, the real truth is we paid $$$ to the crew to purposely let u win those goodies jus for u to be happy.. aiks.. its ok.. don cry n don thank us..! oh ya... n we're not gona disclose the amount v paid for it eventhough it burned a big hole in our pockets.. haha)

Carlsberg's whistles & that's a lighter.. nice..! we took quite a long time to figure out wat the h*** that thing was! haha..

We came home night after all the fun... not after awhile later, the ex-foundation mates came.. n TzeKit had second round... with JinJin, SockYee, SiewLee, PeiLing& LiWei.. lucky kit...

banyak banyak pattern la

leng lui's & leng zai >.<Acting cute with his cherry.. tsk tsk tsk...
Again..!!!? when u're gona stop kit!?

yum gong lor kit... eat cake oso so san fu ah.. haha.. guess u had enuf with cakes..

N lastly, here's a little gift frm us - Eric, Diana, YeFu, Shell & Me to you, our dear steady king..!

hey kit, don b so happy.. actually it's juz a nice box with air in it.. hehe...

Once again, HaPpY bIrtHdAy..! May u have a great year filled with wonderful memories..!

we love you alwez... xoxo... ^o^

wat a great day..

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