Wednesday, August 27

With Housemates

-26 August 2008-

It was still my birthday.. n since v've got 2 greenbox vouchers, v decided to utilise it...
N so the 6 of us were there at GreenBox, Jusco Balakong...

Pics taken during tat day:

TzeKit.Me.EricStan .Shell .Me Aargh.. flash light too bright ..

(look at YF singing his nerves out.. as usual, he performed his singing with some entertaining dancing.. v were laughing our way through during our time there.. haha..)

us again.
longman eating his tidbits..

Halfway through, they had this small game session as usual... 1 room 1 rep.. v played some childish game.. something with pressing the teeth of the aligator.. look so stupid.. haha.. anyway, wat made me so happy was... i played.. n i WON..! yea yea... tel me how lucky was tat! to win among all the other players.. wat's the probability?? rare.. ^^ guess luck was with me...

n here's the prize won.. ta daaa..:

champaigne.... jk.. sparkling juice actually..haha... :p

When we were about to leave, v were offered to play another game.. the key game.. v were given 2 chances... n guess wat!? again, v won... this time, it was a RM50 cash voucher.. woohoo...

Dear Housemates,

Thank you so much for everything... once again, i had fun!! Trully appreciate and will certainly cherish the moments v shared together... glad that i even kno u guys..

luv u guys alwez... ^o^

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