Sunday, August 24

With Classmates...

-21 Aug 2008-

It's Thursday.. n guess wat!? we've got a day OFF.. class cancelled, which means --> FREE for tat whole entire day.. yea >.< i tink it's our first during this semester.. hehe...

N so, most of us from T6 (except for a few absentees), headed to GreenBox... to actually celebrate those who are born in the month of August, of which includes PohSin, HooiShang, KamLok & ME.. ^o^

Ta..daaa... n ladies & gentlemen, here's wat we captured that day..

Look! Ballons... specially hung up for us.. believe it or not... :p
Here's 17 of us.. the rest is at nx door..
Aha.. this wan is with everybody in it ..with the cake... hehe...
n i present to u all -- the August babes.. hehe..
Another shot of all of us with our spoons, ready to invade into "the cake"..
Charr... n here v come, cake...v
ChaiLi & MeKamLok & Me.. born on the same day..Jen. KS. Mebox box u...
the ladies look good.. but.. the guys... erm....hide & seek!?us again..
ks n eric.. wat do they look like?!

n so, that was abt wat took place... had fun wit u guys..
c u guys tomorow in skool...! ^^

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