Sunday, August 24

With CSS friends

-23 Aug 2008-

Headed for dinner after sunset mass... Went to a restaurant which caters for western food called "F1" somewhere in Serdang Jaya.. Little did i know that they planned for a pre-birthday celebration for me.. wat a suprise.. >.<>
love this pic.. hehe..

Take a look at the candle.. it's no ordinary candle.. it's called the "magic candle"... It's magic lies in it's .. erm... how should i say this.. ... it's inability to been blown off.. ??? haha.. something like tat la.. caused me so much of my breath.. fuh... tiring.. haha..

Other pics of the day:

had fish n chips..
Shared this jumbo glass of juice with grace n nelly.. HUGE... Nelly.Andy.Me
againnn... =.="" Guys... trying to act COOl.. gues it work.. haha..
-Grace & Me- Me & Mr. Andy
Valentino changed his specs..there they go.. bullying me again.. haha..

& here's a little gift from them... thank u so much guys.. love it so much.. ^o^

A big THANK YOU to you guys for ur efforts... rely appreciate it..
happie.. ^o^
luv u guys... ~hugz

p/s: hey Andy, thanks for coming.. i kno it isnt near.. & to Kenny, nice meeting you... ^^

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