Tuesday, August 26

Turning 20

-26 August 2008-

Tick tock tick tock tick tock.... Time was stricking 12.. Dong dong..
oh yea..! It's my birthday.. "Happy Birthday To Me.."
oh no....! I'm older by 1 year .. "Welcome to the world of 20..."

I was at home... somewhere in the room... When the clock strock 12, YF lured me out to the hall by kidnapping my dear bolster... Aargh..! ran to whack his as*... mana tau, when i reached the hall, they were there- C Jin, TzeKit, YeFu, Michelle, StanLee, Jen, Eric, SockYee, Peiling & LiWei.. Gosh... i was speechless for a moment... how did u guys even come in... i did not hear a sound... so touched... thanx guys..!!

^o^.. hapie.. extremely..
The cake.. Isn't it cute?!.. n it taste GREAT too.. --cheese, choc, mousse, cream..
gosh so gona be fat...
happie me..

cut the cake..!

Played chor dai dee with them till almost 2 in the morning... had real great fun with you guys...!

Dear Mummy, Daddy, Sis, Michelle:
Thanx for the hand-made card u guys made for me... it was lovely... so touched to received it.. i have to say it moved me deep deep down... cried reading it.. sobs.. big big THANKS..! my feeling is, hard to express, undescribable.... i feel so so blessed..

Also, well.. how could i leave out the rest... For those who remembered my birthday and wished me personally, for those who sms'ed me, for those who called to purposely wished me, for those who sent me birthday wishes testi, for the cards and gifts & for those who celebrated with me again n again.... I trully appreciate all... rely... sweet memories laid down.. ^^

THANX Buddies... ^o^

U guys rely made my day..
Had a GREaT birthday- one of the BEST..!
Luv u guys..
Hugs~~ & kisses ...

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