Sunday, September 21

The Amazing Race Asia 3

Watched Amazing Race Asia 3 yesterday.. Hosted by Allan Wu, in this show, 10 teams race for 1 million dollars.. Currently 2 teams are out..! 8 to go!!

Well, it was so exciting to watch them race.. the tension, the competition, & the teamwork... simply amazing.. i sure had lots of laughs watching them performing at some of their tasks.. hahaha..

Here's 2 of the team from Malaysia.. & the best thing is, they're still in the race..!

Go Go Malaysia..! Make us proud...

Bernie & Henry- Sister brother..

Ida & Tania - Best friends..

Jus wonder who'll be the first to reach the finishing mat to take home the US$100,000 prize..
Hopefully it'll be the Malaysians... hehe..

Catch Amazing Race Asia 3 -The toughest race ever..
Watch it every thursday, 9pm.. only on AXN.. ^^

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