Thursday, September 25

Updates on The Amazing Race Asia 3

Wah.. it's just so exciting..n its getting more n more exciting week by week...

Guess who came in the first again!?
--> Bernie & Henry
(oh my goodness, not again!? :p hey other Asian countries, cant u guys do any better!??? hahaha...)

n Guess how the other Malaysian team did?!
Well, Ida & Tania came in third.. (hmm not bad..)

Wow Malaysian teams are impressive.. They team up well.. I'm so loving them..

oh ya the 2 beauty queens are OUT!! They are soooo "oh i cant do this anymore", "i'm too tired", "its dirty in here", "ahh my nails", "i don see why i need to put myself in this situation"..
=.="" D*mn sickening.. "Halo wake up man, u r in a race, not in some beauty peagent or next top model, so juz rough it up man~~!
or did u guys even sign up for the wrong competition!?"
Now that they're out, i don need to "beh tahan" them anymore.. haha...

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