Saturday, September 20

What I'm Feeling Right Now

Yeah i'm back home! *^o^*
Champ's so cute.. *>.<*

I hate being sick.. *T.T*
I miss mummy dear..

Itz holiday.. 'yipee...'
i had a 4-hours afternoon nap. *@.@*

Champ's looking at me.. *:p*
I'm hungry.. *grrr*

I'm happy for u guys that finished ur last paper.. *winks*
It's Saturday nite.. *muahaha*

I hate you...
I love you...


  1. hate who love who???
    i know u luv me la....haha

  2. haha, enjoy ur holiday ya!!

    luv me also ar, dun luv chelle only.. hehe =P

  3. haha! u said that again! "Champ so cute" lolz

  4. hahaha..
    of course i love u all..
    u guys will alwez b in my heart..
    MuaxxXX.. ^o^

    i cant stop myself from saying tat la.. hehe...