Thursday, September 25



Date : 24 September 2008
To : Whoever
From : Angeline Cheng, CEO (muahaha..), AC
Subject : Progress Report on Series-To-Watch During Semester Break

Past Progress:

Fuh.. finally i finish watching the n-year-ago forensic heroes II... i kno it feels like so ancient this show is.. haha.. anyway, wow.. i have to say it is a great show indeed... with the great actors and actresses... especially charmaine seh.. her acting, her expression... in the last episod, her act of dropping the hp and then having tears flowing down from her cheek without a single sign of happiness, freak the h*ll out of me.. i was like "WAAAaaaaaat...Ivan died!??"""" despite knowing certainly that he did wake up in the end... haha... gues i scare myself out.. great job charmaine!!

Present Status:

Currently, I'm still watching this series.. hehe.. i'm like watching them forever but it just wont end... haha.. 4 more to go.. so lovey dovey they are... He is so cute, n the way he repents n does everything just to win her back, wow, juz impresses me.. how good if such guy ever do exist in life.. but too bad, i don tink so.. Guys are bad!!

Future Task:

My next series in my to-watch list - Moonlight Resonance.. 40 episodes.. i need to buck up.. hahaha.. wish me luck buddies.. :p

Haiyo.. so much to watch la.. somemore got english series le.. gossip girl, the fringe, and heroes.. not to miss out tv series, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami, Amazing Race Asia etc etc.. Plus movies le.. Hmm.. buzzy buzzy..Guess they're gona occupy me for this holidays.. ^^

Amazing Race Asia 3 now.. so excited... hehe... gtg.. tata... ^o^


  1. wah......
    u looks like vy busy wo,
    summore use de progress report format,
    damn funny, haha!!!

  2. haha..
    "look" busy oni ma!!
    nothing to do oni will busy with movies and series la..
    actually watch too much oso will get sien de le... @.@