Monday, September 22

Miss No Good


oh me oh my...
Rainie Yang is so so 38 in this show..
her voice.. arghhh.. unbearable...
i cant' stand her..

On the other hand, Wilber Pan is
so handsome, gorgeous,
cool, cute, etc etc...
^o^ juz luv him...

erm... not me watching this kind of 38 show ah.. it's my sis.. i jus tumpang tgk sana tgk sini once in a while.. :p haha...
holiday ma... >.<


  1. Haha, i also feel she ver "3 8" in this series... cannot tahan at 1st, but it is her character in this series, haha no choice but to bear with it coz i like to watch her shows...

    k la, enjoy it with ur sis! Happy Holiday to u 2 ^^

  2. eh eh eh .... slambe u mention me ar.... nehmind nehmind i bagi chance ... hahaha ....:p

  3. i shall bear with her too den.. haha..

    dear sis, i like la.. :p