Thursday, September 18


Guess wat!?
It's O.V.E.R... There're O.V.E.R...
Finally final exam is over..
or should i say the 1st semester of year 2 BAC is over...
Either would do la.. gosh.. tell me how fast is tat..!? time indeed pass us by rapidly...

Boy, "account" paper today was a whole mess..
It was so d*am freaking extremely HARD...
I'm so piss at Account!!
Y Y do u have to make our lives so difficult with such freak questions!!


Anyway, on the bright side,
I'm FREEEEE now...
woohooo... ^o^
but i don 100% feel that.. thanx to my "dearest" account paper today.. BooM..!

Getting sick again...
>.<.. i need mama..
thank god i'm heading back home 2moro..
cant' wait..

To my dear frens who are still into exams,
i sincerely wish u guys all the best!!

n lastly,
Happy Holidayz, everybody..!
Enjoy.. ^^

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