Thursday, June 26

Connaught Pasar Malam

-25 June 2008-

Went to Connaught Pasar Malam.. If i'm not mistaken, this is one of the longest pasar malam in the KL...

As v were just starting our pasar malam walk, v came to a point wher v saw a crowd of ppl surrounding something... Curiosity n "kepo-sity" made us go closer n find out wat in the world was going on... Rupa-rupanya was ther, doing some sort of live radio show i guess.. wait i have not come to my point yet.. here it goes... n Karen Kong n Vic (Malaysian Idol I top 3 finalist ) was there..! Well, some might be scratching their head and wondering who these 2 ppl are, rite? haha.. nvm den... anyway i don "fans" them too.. .. .. juz excited seeing 2 local artists in pasar malam... hahaha...

988.fmtheir car
There they go - Karen Kong & Vic
them again..

The pasar malam was packed with ppl, the walkway was narrow too, n it was freaking HOT..! sweating all the way through.. pheww...

Some random shots from the pasar malam:

Nelly was so excited to c a shop with her name on it (ss.. =.="") haha... She was pestering me to photo it down.. Here it goes, to u my dear nelly, with lotsa love, hahahahaha...:

Nellys' Restaurant

Yumcha'ed with dear steffy & freddie in PKS balakong after their beauty & the beast musical .. thumbs up for the roti and the maggi goreng there... yum yum... ^^


  1. U should be feel so so so HONOUR caused u are invited to NELLY's curry house for makan..... tell ya secretly, none of my frens invited oh... DEMG!!!

  2. deng deng deng... ya la ya la...