Sunday, June 22

Happy Bithday Dear PeiLing

-19 June 2008-

Pei Ling has officially cross the 20-year- old line... she's older by 1 year again..! hahaha...
Hey Pei Ling, once again:
Happy birthday gal!!

Peiling with her cake.. how lucky..!

The ex-TA15 group celebrated Pei Ling's birthday after dinner... Here are some pics taken during the celebration...

yea.. united v are..!
wat's with the ball!? hehe...
..the Red Devils..
..Housemates.. the 6 of us..
Smeeelly legs ...yeee...

Nice to be stil in touch with all of u, my foundation classmates... v've been through many happy days together... sweet memories which i shall nvr forget... X)

Til then, take good care, my buddies..

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