Wednesday, June 25

Padang Merdeka

-21 Jun 2008-

After sunset mass, the 7 of us from CSS - Andy, Annie, Calvin, Grace, Nelly, Valentine & Me went for a city tour in Kuala Lumpur... haha... kinda crazy rite! but it was enjoyable n a worth trip, to get to know that KL could be so beautiful... ^^ ohuhu... take a glimpse on the below pics.. The "watever-name-it-is" building was beautifully lighted up... it juz did amazed me... >.<

For ur guys' information, this short stretch of road in front of the building will be closed between a certain time everyday for tourist purpose.. No cars were allowed to pass by...

This is wher the big big Malaysia flag is hang
This time nelly is in the pic

After mingling among ourselves for awhile, v headed to Murni for yumcha.. yea, murni, haven been here for a long long time..

Euro match for that nite was between Portugal vs Spain..

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