Sunday, June 15

Daddy's Day

To all the DADs around the entire world, i sincerely wish u all:

..HaPpY fAthErS' dAY..!

And to my dear beloved daddy,

Thank u for everything u've done for me... for even juz the smallest care u show, i appreciate i remember... glad that u r my dad..! I will never ever ver er exchange u for another... n i'm sorry for the times i've dissapoint u... I wish i didnt... Thank u for stil loving me despite of my naughtyness and imperfectness... ^^

Daddy, u r the BEST..!

I love u
with all my heart... ^O^
God bless...


  1. Haha, angel, just base on the pic u post, can see tht u straigthn ur hair ady!! nice nice!! hehe

  2. =.="" aiyoyo that was feb la.. during CNY la... hahaha.. my hair's stil as ugly as before... hahahaha... so funny....

  3. hahaha, i thought u straigthen la... ahhaa so stupid la me... i c also feel funny la... kakakkaka... XD