Monday, June 23

Look Out Point & Putrajaya

-19 Jun 2008-

There v go again... living the lifes' of a youngster... hehe... but this time, v went up to the top, called look out point... the peak... n guess wat!? the view was "fuh".... amazing... fascinating..
u can almost c the whole KL... all lighted up.. makes u feel so tall.. haha..
indeed a perfect place for a date... X) hehe..

"Look Out Point"
Gasoline cafeView 1View 2

Steven Corner, pandan indah was next... the place was packed with humans...

Steven Corner

After that, v headed to our next destination...
deng deng deng deng - PutraJaya.. nice...

V went in tru Presint 2 entrance.. the area there are named by presints.. weird..The name of the bridge v went to..
The bridge..Nice le.. >.<Looks like australia to me.. haha..
Deng deng deng..
Grace .Me.ValentineGrace.Me.Polo

Wat a lovely day.. hehe.. ^^

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