Thursday, June 12

The NEW committee

-11 June 2008-

Went for CDS AGM with Michelle (my housemate) in the evening... hmm... little did i realize that this world can be such a small place sometimes... i saw emily xiao wei (one of the first person's i knew in UTAR), ee may (my current classmate), audrey (from catholic students' society), veronica (v knew each other since around primary), yiechun (my foundation classmate), etc etc... ... wat a coincident that we're all here, at the same time, same place for a same event... thinking abt the network linking all of us together... hmm.. fascinating...

Anyway, AGM was conducted first.. And so, the official committee members of CDS 08/09 were announced.. n they are:
  • Chairperson: Cheryl
  • Vice Chairperson: Aaron
  • Secretary: Jamie
  • Vice Secretary: Diana
  • Treasurer: Christine
  • Vice Treasurer: WaiYin
  • HO Publicity: JiaYong
  • Asst: EeMay
  • HO Funding: SzeYin
  • Asst: XiaoWei
  • HO Membership: WanYing
  • Asst: Michelle
  • HO Program: ChowHua
  • Asst: Edmund
  • HO Event: SengHong
  • Asst:YeeLoon
  • Auditor: Sherly
A round applause to the selected..! Congrats to u all & gambateh in making CDS alive..!

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